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Services for Charities

Vaughn Chambers Editing can help charities and not for profit organisations with anything that you write: your annual report, your website, funding applications and reports to funders.


This is a final, careful check to make sure that everything is 100% accurate and consistent before your document goes live.

It’s easy to miss the odd mistake in your own work – you know what should be there, and that’s what you tend to see, instead of what’s actually there.

But your readers – clients, funders, partner organisations – don’t know what should be there. They will notice any gaps or errors.

Computer spell-checks help, but they’re not completely reliable because they can’t truly understand what you’ve written. And they usually won’t notice if you’ve used a real word but not the right one, like ‘not open to asylum seekers’ instead of ‘now open to asylum seekers’.

Hire me to proofread for you and you will buy yourself peace of mind about your text, so that you can concentrate on the bigger picture – whether that’s supporting your clients, developing new services or raising funds.

To talk about what you need and get a considered and reasonable quote, please get in touch via the contact page.