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Services for Local Authorities

Vaughn Chambers Editing is able to provide freelance services to Local Authority (LA) Education and Special Educational Needs teams supporting the writing of Education Health Care Plans (EHCPs). I am able to draft new plans from information provided by other professionals and can update EHCPs following Annual Reviews if Local Authorities do not have the capacity to complete these within timescales using LA employed staff.

I have previously had a long history of working with children with Special Educational Needs in schools and have most recently undertaken work as a Statutory Assessment Case Officer in a Local Authority. A large part of this role centred around drafting and finalising initial EHCPs following professional assessments and using paperwork received from Annual Reviews to update current EHCPs.

Quotations will vary depending upon the nature and complexity of the work that I am asked to complete. I am happy to negotiate daily rates, hourly rates or rates per written EHCP with you based on a better understanding of the type and complexity of work you would wish me to complete.

Before starting work I would finalise a fixed costing with you but am prepared to be flexible in discussions regarding this. In addition, when work is undertaken, I will maintain a conversation with you in order to ensure correct pricing is in place for myself and for you as the client.

Writing a new EHC Plan will include taking into consideration all of the advice provided as a part of the EHC Needs Assessment. This should include advice from the school, medical/health services, Educational Psychology and Social Care. Depending on the needs of the child/young person there may be advice from Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Services, as well as CAMHS and specialst teachers, etc. Obviously EHCPs can only be as good as the reports that are completed and received. In addition I would ask for yourselves to provide a copy of the Local Authority EHCP template and information as to how the plan is to be presented.

For amended EHCPs following Annual Reviews all documentation from the review meeting would need to be sent through in order for me to complete the work requested. This would include updating the needs and provision of the child/young person using Annual Review paperwork and additional information from reports/advice.

I would also be happy to negotiate with you expected timescales for the completion of EHCPs. This would be dependent upon the number of plans required to be written and the urgency with which these need to be completed.

If you want further information on my background please go to the About Me page where you can also find a downloadable CV.

Please contact me if you have any questions you wish to ask or to request a quote.