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Proofreading is the final polish.

Proofreading is actually the last step in the traditional publishing process, designed to catch any final errors, typos, inconsistencies and formatting issues within any body of text.

Proofreading is about hunting down and eliminating mistakes that could make your audience question the quality of your product or service. Even if you are confident your message is clear and error-free, a fresh pair of eyes can pick up things you might have missed, and offer a new perspective on the words you've chosen.

Proofreading includes:

  • Checking grammar, spelling and punctuation

  • Correcting typos

  • Inserting page references if required

  • Checking design and language are consistent and fit with your house style

  • Ensuring content is properly arranged and nothing goes missing

  • Fact-checking

If your copy is in very good condition or you only require a light check, then this is the service for you. 

But just because a text is in good shape doesn't mean that one should be complacent:

  • Familiarity with a text can build blindness to errors.

  • Making last-minute changes to a text can see errors creeping in.

  • It's not realistic for anyone to be completely familiar with all of the ins and outs of English usage and grammar – especially when it comes to the subtle stylistic differences between UK and US English.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Vaughn Chambers Editorial offers and provides:

  • a keen eye for detail

  • value for money

  • flexible and efficient working

  • adherence to agreed deadlines and budgets

  • a professional sheen for your documents and publications


Please see relevant information specific to particular services.


Proofreading is commonly carried out on paper, in Microsoft Word or on PDFs. For PDF files, I commonly use Adobe Acrobat, through which I can either make the changes directly (not tracked) or post mark-up notes. I am able to edit:

  • on screen, using Word (track changes)

  • using a mark-up on PDF (using Acrobat comments or editing stamps)

  • directly to InDesign/InCopy files

  • using BSI symbols on hard copy


Why is there no price list on this page?


Every job is different.


If your text is in good shape already and you just need a quick, final check for typos, spelling mistakes and misplaced commas, I might be able to proofread up to 3000 words in an hour.

In a more complex, in-depth job, I might only be able to edit 800 words in that time.

And for some tasks (like structural editing or checking a bibliography), the word count doesn’t necessarily determine how long the work takes anyway.

Timescale is also a factor: I can sometimes take on urgent work, but it may cost a little more if it means turning a job around outside normal working hours.

So the fee for a job depends on lots of factors – word count, the complexity of the text, the type and level of intervention you ask for, and how quickly you need it done.

A single rate per 1000 words wouldn’t take account of all of these variables.

Before I start work, we will agree a price for the project and exactly what work this covers. I am happy to do a sample proofread, which will help me to work out an accurate cost and give you an idea of my style and whether you think we will be a good fit.

I use the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading suggested minimum rates as a rough guide, but this is just a starting point: lots of jobs don’t fit neatly into the categories listed on that page, for a start. I’m always happy to discuss how I’ve calculated your quote and exactly what it includes.

For more information on the services I can provide or to get a quote for editorial work, please get in touch via the contact page.

Please check my testimonials and the training that I have completed here.