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Services for Students

After all of the effort that you make to research the information you need and writing your essay or dissertation  don't lose marks by submitting a document that is spoilt by spelling, grammar or errors of punctuation. Remember, a well-presented essay indicates to your tutor or an assessor that students care about their work and have taken time to ensure it is produced to the highest possible standard.

Vaughn Chambers Editing can help students to produce work which is:

  • Clear and understandable

  • Written in grammatically correct English

  • Well-organised

  • Attractively presented

  • As enjoyable as possible for your assessor or reviewer to read

‘On average, proofreading will improve the mark you get for your essay by up to a whole grade (10%) and it can turn a failing essay into a passing one. It’s that important.’

University of Teesside

It’s hard to proofread your own work. You’ve worked intensively on your dissertation, thesis or essay already: you know what should be there – and that’s what you tend to see, instead of what’s actually there.

Computer spell-checks help, but they’re not completely reliable because they can’t truly understand what you’ve written. You may have asked a friend to read your work, but that’s not the same as professional editorial support.

I can help students with a wide range of documents, such as:

  • Academic Journal articles

  • Essays

  • Dissertations

  • Theses

  • Projects

  • UCAS applications

  • Private school and college applications

  • Research proposals

  • Laboratory reports

  • Academic posters

I will thoroughly check your document to make sure that the grammar, spelling and punctuation are accurate and that the style is appropriate and consistent. I can also make sure that you’ve followed your institution’s referencing style perfectly.

If you’re writing in English as a second or other language, my support will help to give you confidence in your language usage.

Buy yourself the peace of mind of knowing that your text is word-perfect, with no typos or errors to distract the reader from your content and your argument.

To find out more information about me please go to the About Me page which gives you my background and will also link to my CV.

Get in touch via the contact page to talk about what you need and get a quote.